The following was written for Hayo. It's biographical and influences every party of her music.


"South is a place of birth, an identity. It’s a different set of stars, red dirt and blue skies that reach for miles. It’s sorrow, corruption and roots being ripped. It’s stories around fires, with dried meat and Amarula. It’s the place of my childhood but not where I live now.  It’s dry, dry heat, and the afternoon sleep. The way the grass is thicker and not manicured. It’s my mourning doves and bullfrogs that go swimming in the pool once the stars come out. It’s elephants on the shore, bathing in the coolness of the mighty river at dusk. It’s a lion’s roar. Townships and gated communities and barbed wire. Security guards and AKs. Fear and nightmares. It’s poverty and wealth, relationships and situations that are too complicated for outsiders to understand. It’s bright clothing, loud drums and having a braai. It’s the apartheid and Mandela’s forgiveness. It’s music from the darkest depths of hell that rises and uplifts and pulls people together. It’s grandmothers and aunties. It’s real revolution—not just a book title. It’s struggle and success and white teeth and wide, toothless smiles. It’s palm oil and sadza. Dirt floors and thatched roofs. It’s crocs and tigerfish and early morning beer while we fish. It’s olive trees and Anglican churches. It’s children named Tuesday and Webster. It’s vineyards planted by the French in the 1400s. It’s not the north or the west or the east—it’s all of them and none of them at the same time."